• edward-green-shoes

    Edward Green Shoes

    Edward Green shoe company was founded in 1890 in Northampton – a city famous for tradition of manufacturing the best shoes for hundreds of years. The brand soon gained a reputation of the best shoe manufacturer for “the discerning few.” Though it started as a small factory, the company soon expanded with branches in London […]

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  • La-Vera-Sartoria-Neapolitana

    Handmade Suits from La Vera Sartoria Neapolitana

    La Vera Sartoria Neapolitana is a relatively new but a rapidly growing brand producing suits. 10 years ago, the company was founded by Orazio Luciano, the master, who has worked for over 20 years in the workshops of Kiton, and was the senior tailor of this famous brand in recent years. Now the tailoring house […]

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  • E- Marinella-Napoli

    History of E. Marinella Napoli

    In 1914, on the eve of World War I, Eugenio Marinella founded a small shop at the intersection of Victoria Square and the streets of Chiaia in Naples. The place where his store is located was extremely beneficial for trade, because the top Neapolitan nobility walked past it. In an era when the English style […]

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  • sartoria

    Sartoria Partenopea: Italian Quality and Neapolitan Style

    Sartoria Partenopea is a brand with a classic Italian style, excellent quality and unique Neapolitan chic. The founders and owners of the company is the Blassi family that manufactures luxury menswear, tailoring according to the old traditions of craftsmanship. Sartoria Partenopea specializes in sewing men’s outerwear – first of all suits and jackets. In addition […]

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